Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City is known for its barbecue, jazz heritage, and fountains. Kansas City has some historic areas to explore and also fun activities for both adults and children. Kansas City features some of the best museums, including the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, and the Toy and Miniature Museum. Here are some top places to visit on your trip to Kansas City:

1- Union Station:

Union Station was built in 1914 and the building is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The building is beautiful to explore and you can know about the history behind the station. There are also so many exhibits to see and gift shops. Some interesting places to visit at union station are Science City, the Regnier Extreme Screen Theater, the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, and City Stage Theater.

2- Boulevard Brewing Co:

If you love beer and want to see the process of beer making, you should visit this place. You can tour the brewery and taste all kinds of beer. The history of beer, it’s making, and the process is very interesting to learn and listen to. It’s such a fun place to visit.

3- The Money Museum

At the money museum, you can learn about money and its role in society. You will learn about how money-making has changed from coins, gold bars to the evolution of paper currency. There are also interactive exhibits at the museum. There is also a nice display of old coins and you can learn some interesting facts. You will get a chance to watch the operations within the vault and see how money is counted, stacked, and packaged for shipment. It’s a perfect place for all ages.

4- American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum is located in Kansas City’s Historic Jazz District where you will see so many interesting exhibits. The museum preserves the history of American jazz music, with exhibits on Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and the history of jazz music. There is also a jazz club that offers live music. The American Jazz Museum is worth a visit if you are interested in music or the local history of jazz and the musicians.

5- Arabia Steamboat Museum

The Arabia Steamboat is a history museum that lets you see how people lived in pioneer times. In 1856, a steamboat carrying 400,000 pounds of supplies destined for general stores in the Midwest sank in the Missouri River and the ship was recovered about 30 years ago. At the museum, there is a massive collection of pre-Civil War artifacts and the objects and food that were part of daily life for the pioneers. There is also a collection of a wide variety of everyday items of the old centuries including toys, tools, cookware, and even China sets. Visit this museum and explore the history and story of Arabia’s steamboat.

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Philadelphia is the USA’s one of the most important cities, having two important historical sites The Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell. It is the fifth-largest city in the US and has the most iconic attractions. In Philadelphia, you can explore the history, unique architecture, lovely neighborhoods, a variety of shopping centers, and historic museums. From arts to delicious restaurants, visiting Philadelphia will be your best experience ever. To have a list of the most famous and go-to places in Philadelphia, here is the list:

1- Independence Hall:

At Independence Hall, the declaration of Independence and Constitution were debated. This place is not to miss. You can tour or walk through the halls of the building where the founders of America signed the Declaration Of Independence. There are also nice restaurants and bars nearby where you can also sit or relax. There are also exhibits where you can see the copies of the declaration. Such a richly historic place with beautiful architecture.

2- Reading Terminal Market:

If you are a food lover or not, this place will become your favorite. Reading Terminal Market is an old market with 80 vendors selling different products. It’s a very nice place to eat something different. You can find different food around the world including Mexican, Thai, Greek, and Indian. Some vendors also sell handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing. It’s a vibrant place to visit and enjoy different foods. Apart from buying and eating food, you can also find many vendors selling fresh flowers, baked goods, cookbooks, kitchenware, and so much more.

3- Liberty Bell Center:

The Liberty Bell, a 2000 pound bell, is the symbol of freedom in the US. The Liberty Bell center attracts millions of visitors. You can also see the exhibits, original artifacts, and historic videos. This is a great place for history buffs. The bell has a crack that is believed to have occurred in the 1840s. You can see the video representation that describes the bell’s history. This place is open all year round.

4- John F Kennedy Plaza or LOVE Park:

LOVE Park or John F Kennedy Park is a public park in Philadelphia. It’s a perfect place to capture pictures or have a photoshoot. It’s a famous stop for every visitor with a cute statue that will make you fall in love with this place. There is so much to explore around including souvenir shops, a fountain and so much more. It’s the perfect picture-snapping place if you are visiting this park. There are so many sites around this park that you can visit and explore including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, One Liberty Observation Deck, Arch Street United Methodist Church, and Macy’s Philadelphia.

5- Philadelphia Museum of Art:

Philadelphia Museum of Art has some of the most interesting exhibits and displays. There are over 200 galleries and 240,000 masterpieces including painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, and architecture by the world’s famous artists. It’s a must-visit place in Philadelphia.

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